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"If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time!"

How's your aim?

Join us this Sunday when we can help you aim at God

   Sunday Morning Worship
   10:00 a.m.


Pastor Alex Howarth

New Hope Presbyterian Church
1900 Old Vestal Road
Vestal, NY  13850
(607) 757-2777

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Sunday Morning Worship
Sunday's at 10:00 a.m.

Join us for Prayer meeting and Brownbag lunch
at New Hope Church

Wednesday's at 11:45 a.m.

Ladies Bible Study: We are currently reading the book "Loving the Way Jesus Loves" by Philip Graham Ryken.
Wednesday's at 1:30 p.m.
Newcomers are always welcome! For information, contact Cheryl Pasewark: cpasewark@stny.rr.com or 607-748-8580

About Us

                New Hope Presbyterian Church was established as a missions church in 1992 and particularized in 1994.  Our emphasis has been on the Gospel message as the Best News we have ever heard, or ever will hear.  Our rallying cry has been to "preach the Gospel to ourselves daily."  If we can keep the cross of Christ huge in our eyes, we remember what God has done and is doing for us by grace.  Such remembrances moves us to vibrant worship, prompts us to give our lives in sacrificial service and fills us with a burden for sharing the Best News.  We have a mixed congregation of people of all ages that fairly represents the area’s demographics.  But all of us are still growing in our knowledge of God and of His grace!

            Located in Broome County , known as the Southern Tier region and “the heartland of New York State ”, the area consists of the Triple Cities of Binghamton, Endicott, and Johnson City surrounded by suburban and rural towns.  Binghamton University, with approximately 15,000 students, is within 5 miles of New Hope .  Thus, the type of community New Hope serves is urban (residential), small city and college.

            The population of Broome County is around 195,000 people. 
55.92% of the people in Broome County profess that they affiliate with a religion.  33.10% are Catholic;  17.18% are Protestant;  0.36% are LDS;  3.76%  are another Christian faith;  1.20% are Jewish;  0.02% are an eastern faith;  0.30% affiliate with Islam.

Most occupations in the area include management, professional, engineers, service, construction and transportation.  The Triple Cities are known for:

** A moderate cost of living
** Low Crime rate
** A superb quality of life for residents and visitors. 
** Exceptional variety and quality of recreational and cultural facilities, including many parks, golf courses, a local baseball stadium, the Anderson Center for the Arts and a local opera company.  Skiing opportunities are within 45 minutes.
** Many
festivals and events, including the Broome County Fair, the Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally, Dick’s Sporting Goods Open (a Champions Tour Golf Tournament), Binghamton Mets (baseball) , Binghamton Senators (hockey), Binghamton Professional Tennis Tournament, Chris Thater Memorial Races (Cycling), Deposit Lumberjack Festival and Project Children Irish Festival, as well as dozens of ethnic fairs, music festivals, and regional sporting events.

** Competitively priced real estate
** Ethnically diverse area

** Its largest employers are Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and IBM.

You may also visit some local sites with more information on our area: